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Artigos científicos


Chen, K., Massaad, M., De Lima, R., Rainho, A., & Rocha, R. (2023). First observation of Lethocerus cordofanus (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae) preying on Afronycteris nana (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae). Entomological Science, 26(3), e12558.



Puig‐Montserrat, X., Flaquer, C., Gómez‐Aguilera, N., Burgas, A., Mas, M., Tuneu, C., ... & López‐Baucells, A. (2020). Bats actively prey on mosquitoes and other deleterious insects in rice paddies: Potential impact on human health and agriculture. Pest Management Science, 76(11), 3759-3769.



Bideguren, G. M., López-Baucells, A., Puig-Montserrat, X., Mas, M., Porres, X., & Flaquer, C. (2019). Bat boxes and climate change: testing the risk of over-heating in the Mediterranean region. Biodiversity and Conservation, 28(1), 21-35.



Kemp, J., López-Baucells, A., Rocha, R., Wangensteen, O. S., Andriatafika, Z., Nair, A., & Cabeza, M. (2019). Bats as potential suppressors of multiple agricultural pests: a case study from Madagascar. Agriculture, ecosystems & environment, 269, 88-96.

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